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Trying to get better

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new outlook on life (health discussion)
  TheTrees, Aug 17 2009

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fuck my life :(
  TheTrees, Sep 10 2008

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8/18 playn for beer money
  TheTrees, Aug 23 2008

First i want to apologize for not talking to my friends on MSN. I've been insanely busy. This is move in week for my apartment and everyone goes crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Well this year sucks compared to last but it still hasn't stopped my friends and I from getting fucked up. Last night i stayed up until 7 am doing god knows what. Which is suprising because the entire summer i'd wake up at 7am +_+. Tropical storm fay is currently moving through and I feel like i'm in the fucking amazon. Won't stop fucking raining. Hmmm...other news: full week of boxing lessons for the first time in like 2 weeks. Sadly i'm not up to par with where I think I should be so i'm slightly upset with myself about that. I've been doing a lot of thinking and i'm going to tell my coach that I want to take boxing as fun (but still put in the same hard work) and not competitive so that I don't get pissed at myself for fucking up. Jiu Jitsu lessons w/ a purple belt (soon brown) starts sunday. I can't fucking wait. When I started boxing my entire intentions was to jump into Jiu Jitsu and now that I love boxing i'll stick with both (lessons 6/7 days).

various other shit:
-neighbors are cool as fuck
-two new roommates are always wants to party and I think the other will be the same
-poker supports my beer habit
-subway is the shit
-tloapc is destroying that prop bet (thank god he let me back out before he started the prop bet...I had a feeling he would do it)
-haven't gained any weight
-natty light contains 3.5 grams of protein
-I got criticized for never hearing of a 30 rack. Fuck you northerners.

So now to poker...

QJs: fine mother fucker you can have it...I'd say AJ 90% and flush 10%.
AQo: KK ftw...obviously. But ill let you have this pot as I took over $40 just from you earlier and completely skullfuck you like i always do you shitty reg that always tries to 3bet me.
QQ: why can't I hit my combo draws?
AA: yay limping w/ 98s from UTG is awesome. I told myself I was gonna fold to a 3bet on that flop but i felt like putting the moniesssss in vs donks

So my first day of playing poker in what 4 days? Went alright and now I can do an assortment of things for the night: find a party, drink with friends (or with them at a party), or go hang out with a high school buddy and smoke weed/drink beer/play some h3. I'm leaning towards the h3 as i've been drinking for 3 days straight now.

various music:

listen to the entire song I promise its fucking amazing. Amazing weed/fucked up song.

if you haven't heard this band I suggest downloading everything they've made. Such a unique sound and the word amazing to describe them would be an understatement. Great poker music...

obv my hero...bobby dylan

babe of the day:

k ima go get fucked up...have a good one guys.


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